Walk about the fantasy realm of Alloehra where you roleplay as a "gijinka" version of a sweet you love in the sweet factory!

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1Introductions! Empty Introductions! on Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:31 pm

Thought I'd create a little "introductions" topic, so that we know who RP's which characters!

So hello, I'm Iné~ I rp Lola and Darilyn, and they'll have different colors and fonts while roleplaying! I usually rp in script style but in the forum you will probably find me rp'ing in paragraph style often, especially if I'm trying to describe a setting.

As for places I usually rp, I hang around the skype group nearly all day long, in and out, and rp through dA comments as well as the roleplay section of this forum! I also occasionally hang around Chatango for those who still use it.

I'm also one of the mods of the group along with Wolfie and Luna, so if you need help with something don't hesitate to ask! c:

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2Introductions! Empty Re: Introductions! on Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:02 am

This is where intros go, yes?
Hiii, I'm Luna, one of the mods and rper/mun of Bette. Here I'll be roleplaying in mainly paragraph style, and I usually sit on the Skype chat whenever I have decent internet access.

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