Walk about the fantasy realm of Alloehra where you roleplay as a "gijinka" version of a sweet you love in the sweet factory!

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General Rules

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Here the general rules have been posted

General Rules
Respect everyone in the group, please. That includes your admin, mods, and all your fellow roleplayers.
Disagreements or issues with another roleplayer should be kept out of the group chats.
Issues that are serious AND violate the group rules are encouraged to be reported to the mods and admin.
If you have any questions/suggestions/comments/concerns, please NOTE the group directly.

Roleplaying Rules
OOC talk should be kept to a minimum and placed within brackets when a roleplay is in progress.
There will be absolutely no godmodding, powerplay, or metagaming.
If someone does not wish to roleplay with you, please don't harass them about it.
Any smut roleplays must be done privately, and underage roleplayers may NOT roleplay smut with anyone. This is illegal.
If you would like to retire a character, PLEASE let us know!
Refrain from vulgar subjects and excessive profanity in public roleplays.

Art Rules
Absolutely no unrelated artwork!
Quality over quantity, always.
Your character's appearance (hairstyle and clothing) can be changed as freely as you like, but the application must be updated. (A general rule of thumb: If your changes are things that a human can change easily and realistically, then you need not buy a character makeover from the factory store.)
If you wish to use another roleplayer's character in your art, please ask them beforehand.
If you are caught tracing or heavy referencing, or if you steal art, you will be removed from the group or forbidden to join.
Please no pornography or overly mature material. (A general rule of thumb: if you need to put a mature tag for explicit sexual content, it does not belong in the group.)

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